Thursday, March 8, 2012

For the sake of blogging

Good heavens. I'm writing this to let the blogging sphere know I am still alive. Haha. I have taken a lengthy hiatus, but I will make my come grand hope is that when I got to GA next week and my sister comes, she will save the day by teaching me the blogging tricks I have been waiting for. And then there really are no excuses.

Life is going well in Minnesota - the frigid winters everyone warned us of passed over us this year (knock on wood) and I am oh so excited for Spring. Isaiah got a residency at a hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee for this summer so we will be heading down south for a few months come May! Right in time for Claire to learn her first words with a little southern accent. Oh man, so cute.

Claire is the light of our lives - she makes me laugh everyday. She is known for always being camera ready, loves to laugh, is a very quick crawler, and extremely curious. As in hide your valuables and stow away the breakables cause she WILL find them. Her sweet spirit is evenly matched by her inability to sit still. It is a very funny combo...makes church especially eventful! She can now wave her little hand, play peek-a-boo, has her two bottom front teeth, and loves to pull herself up to a standing position on anything in sight - including other kids so look out - haha. I pride myself on teaching Claire about the strength and equality of women, however, I've decided I'm preaching to the choir. At a recent play group I found her kneeling on a little fellow, pinning him down, with his shirt clenched in her tiny fists. Hahaha...yeah, you go girl. Even the doctor noted she is a fighter when it took two doctors to hold her down to get a look into her ear...they repeatedly commented on her uncanny strength for her size. I attribute it to her difficult start in the NICU and our morning workouts with Sean T. You know how we roll.

Well, here's to posting again before 5 more months go by. Wish me luck.

(Claire and her friend - to prove she is not truly a play group hooligan...)


  1. Oh my goodness, how we love little Claire! We're going to miss you guys!

  2. Hahahahahaha this had me laughing so so hard. I love Claire and her sweet spirit! She is hilarious!