Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Fool of April

Ah, so much better is it not? Many thanks to my dear sister for sprucing this bad boy up.

Our trip to Georgia was wonderful - it started off with a biscoff cookie adventure on the airplane. Claire doesn't like to be confined, so Isaiah and I had our hands full. Literally. The well-meaning flight attendant gave us a handful of biscoff cookies to keep Claire entertained. She was hooked with the first one...soon gooey brown stickiness coated her hands and face. I tried to keep her at an arms length as I held her, but really, an arms length is nigh impossible on an airplane. Isaiah discovered that if he could get Claire to clap, large chunks of biscoff goo would land on me. Pretty soon her excitement turned into knocking my drink into the diaper bag. Isaiah was laughing so hard there was tears. But I guess better him than Claire eh? As we got off the plane, I pulled the window shade down to find a brown streak of dried cookie goo left by little fingers. Classic.

Georgia was wonderful - Claire loves to be with nana and grandpa. She even got to live it up at the world of Coke.

She's a natural. Claire also got an extra kick out of Bexley and London arriving. She loved to scramble up to Bexley in the bouncer and say "HIIIIIIIIIIIII." Startled the little sweet sweets everytime. You just can't squelch enthusiasm at such a young age though ya know?

The flight back was great as well - Claire's best flight yet I'd say. We got to sit next to a pilot on the plane - not just any pilot, but the first young, female pilot I have ever witnessed. It was an honor. Haha. She told me about a group of pilots who are moms with babies so they pump while they fly. Now THAT is a story for le leche league. I thought that was awesome. Can you imagine?

As far as the title of this blog goes, I must confess how I got my brother this year. Since Max is serving a mission for our church in Armenia right now, I write him once a week - usually Sunday night - so when he is able to respond to his emails on Monday I get a quick response. Well, lo and behold Sunday night came and I had yet to pull any big April Fools jokes. I reread what he had written me the week before, laughing when he randomly asked when the next zirkle junior would be in the works. I knew I had him. So I wrote back "Max!! That is so crazy, I don't know how you knew but...I'M PREGNANT!! We haven't told anyone yet, but I figure since you're in Armenia it wouldn't hurt to let you know..." yadayadayada...tried to make it believeable. Then I wrote the rest of my letter and ended it - and several spaces below that i added P.S. - April Fools! I am NOT pregnant. (Seriously for those reading, I repeat, I am NOT PREGNANT). I thought I was so crafty. I eagerly checked my email repeatedly the next morning to see if I had gotten him or if he knew all along I was tricking him. His email came and I instantly knew he definitely had not read the part where I said April Fools. It was the sweetest congrats email ever though, so really - who feels like the fool now - haha. Sadly, I must wait til this upcoming Sunday to write him and make sure he knows it was a joke....I can just see him happily telling Armenian people on the street the good news. Ohhhhh geez.

Well Claire's first birthday is in ten days. April 14th is going to be such a happy day here! She is growing up more and more everyday, such a beautiful soul. Her birthday was supposed to be May 25th, so it can get confusing, but I wouldn't trade the extra month we've had with her for anything. (:


  1. Oh how I love your writing style! Your poor brother! Good trick though...maybe I should do the same thing, haha...

  2. Loved the new post! Love Claire and love you! Keep posting!!! I'm excited for lil Claire bears bday too!!!