Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Success is found in trying

When I consider writing a blogpost, usually a series of random things come to mind that I would write about. Instead of sorting through those things, I think I will just include them all. Haha. So:

*There is a cool website called  - it has a bunch of costume ideas for girls that aren't trashy and are incredibly unique...they are women throughout history that aren't well known, but probably should be! Isaiah said I should be the volcano queen. Ha. But seriously, it is worth contemplating.

*You know how some people have awesome cooking blogs? That is in no way, shape, or form me or this blog. haha. Let me explain:

I attempted to make a recipe from a cooking blog tonight - I love looking at recipes and dreaming up delicious things to make. Sadly my dreams and reality are far, far apart. Part of the recipe was making dough to wrap the chicken in...the dough about did me in. Making it took a superhuman feat. I gave myself plenty of time to have it done and even then it took me 30 minutes longer than expected. There was flour everywhere and extra sticky dough - I had stuck my hands in the bowl to see why it was still so runny, which then dripped all over the floor - the picture over our sink was splattered with batter from the mixer...and Claire was crying the entire time so every time I came over to put her back on her blanket (oh yeah, she is a nascar roller) or give her her binky, I got sticky dough all over her shirt. And on her blanket. And in her hair. So when I finally got the dough in the bowl to rise I thought HALLELUJAH. I cleaned myself up the best I could and sat down with Claire on the couch. Only later did I realize I had dough all over the backs of my arms which then got smeared on the couch. Haha - oh cooking. At any rate, when it was time to work with the dough an hour and a half later, the dough had doubled in size and was still just as runny. It was oozing up at me like a halloween trick gone horribly wrong. Luckily I had some premade roll dough in the fridge that I substituted instead and the dinner was a success! But imagine my dismay that the dough extravaganza was all for not. So I did what any amateur cook would do - I let the dough rise for another couple hours and decided to try and make rolls haha. I made a couple batches and when they were done... Isaiah and I just couldn't get a whole one was like a sponge of yeast. A yeast sponge. Bad bad bad. Haha - at least we have a whole bowl of dough to prank someone with now. It's legit.

*My sister is having her beautiful baby any day now! I am very excited for her...growing up London and I had many an adventure together; I'm thinking our baby girls will have lots of adventures too. (: It is going to be awesome! I won't get to see them til Christmas time, but I am expecting lots of pictures!

*I have an idea for a novel I want to write. I'm still wrapping my head around the concept. That's imperative for a good book. I feel like my second grade style of killing off the characters to wrap it up isn't going to fly anymore...but more details to come soon...

*Claire can get her knees under her in crawling stance, but she hasn't made that first "step" (first "crawl"? I don't know how you say that) yet, but she's getting there. Lately she has been getting a bit of rug burn on her forehead from scooting along. The girl is crafty. She can get everything off the ground but her toes and that forehead, hence the rug burn....haha I try to help her out, but who am I to clip her wings. She is going to be a lady bug for her first halloween. We did a costume check gave me such a wonderful laugh. cute. What else can I say?


  1. Yay!!! Your blog is up and running...Looks great! I had to laugh at your attempt at dough...I'm glad you struggle as much as me :) one day we might get it haha. I made sugar cookies for mike once when we first got married that were like the most disgusting things ever...ehhh oh well haha. Loved Claire's Halloween costume! Such a cutie! You will have to teach me how you to make those headbands during Christmas!

  2. Hahaha! Your "experiments" in the kitchen are always entertaining.