Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good news!

Yesterday I was asked to become the newest member of the editorial board for the online scholarly journal SquareTwo. I am so excited! What an opportunity! The journal is comprised of articles and discussion centered on faithful LDS thought on contemporary world issues. A couple years ago I submitted a paper on U.S. relations with Pakistan from a national security class that got was funny to find that in the archives. I think most the articles are fascinating, especially from a Latter-day Saint perspective. For those interested in looking into it, the link is:

I will keep you updated on interesting articles and discussion, like the current readers' puzzle on there. I thought it was very interesting! Especially the part about "what will the church's position be?" I agree that if you study these things out in your mind it makes much more sense and we are better prepared for the future.

On to weightier matters, I wish everyone got to see every new little thing Claire does each day. It's incredible! She's rolls all over the place, can scooch her legs up so her stomach is off the floor, smiles all the time, and just chatters away to me. She keeps learning new sounds! Yesterday she mastered this "ahhhhh" noise - it's kind of like a breathy, raspy noise and it is so cute! She talked to me the whole time at the store. She is juuuust like me and Isaiah. I made the mistake of calling her Rasputin - why?? I don't know, it was funny to me - but grandma was not pleased. Isaiah looked up a picture of Rasputin and that made it even funnier.

I assure you Claire does not look like Rasputin. Haha. I'm gonna stick to calling her sweet baby ray. She is beautiful through and through - she makes me so happy. And she seriously makes me laugh everyday. She wants to talk so bad...I'm sure she'll break the language barrier soon. We're starting to place guesses on when she's going to crawl. Our little mastermind (:


  1. That is so neat, Rachel! Can't wait to read what you contribute.

  2. She is so absolutely adorable, great picture!!!