Thursday, September 29, 2011

With so many new beginnings going on as of late, I officially decided I was going to start a blog. I must say, this blog has been a long time coming. And on top of that, I have many people to thank that made this blog a reality. Dramatic, yes, but I was previously unaware how tricky blog creating can be. I was thinking it was a universal tricky feat until my sister sent me a youtube tutorial video taught by none other than Grandma Mae. Haha, looks like it might just be me. But seriously - thank goodness for London and Grandma Mae. 

I was also having a difficult time naming this blog simply because I am not sure what this blog is going to consist of exactly. I am sure it will include a lot about our family - Isaiah and Claire are wonderful writing material. Just look at em (;  - as well as things about life, research, women's rights, and religion. Just the bare essentials really. Haha. Now all I have to do is figure out how to post...


  1. Well, it's looks like you're pretty much already a professional blogger. Way to go! :)